Books By The Box

Free Books

If you live in the U.S., you can order 12 books at a time and all you have to pay is a flat Shipping & Handling Fee of $8 USD.
That's right the books themselves are FREE!

The Collection

At Reader's Palace you can select from our vast catalog of previously owned romance books. Most of the books in our collection consist of older Harlequin  and  Silhouette Category Romance books because we love books from the 80s and 90s.
We also have some books published in recent years and are always on the lookout for new authors who strike that perfect feeling for us.  We like angsty, you done me wrong - but maybe there's still a chance for us, light-hearted, or even syrupy, but most importantly happily ever after romance.
We carry books by various authors like Charlotte Lamb, Sally Wentworth, Carole Mortimer, Jayne Bauling, Miranda Lee, Diana Palmer, Linda Howard, Robyn Donald, Nora Roberts, Sandra Brown, QEW & many, many more!
Our Library of Books consists of over 600 previously owned books sourced from library sales and retail stores. This collection is constantly growing because we love to read!

What Else?

The website will also host various contests and giveaways, just because who doesn't like to win cool stuff!  We will also share what we are currently reading, what's in our TBR pile, and our Hunting Party (wish list).
We love our fellow readers and if you have some books you want added to our Wish List just use our Contact Us page to tell us and we will add these to our Hunting List!