3 Great Novels by Betty Neels (A Harlequin Omnibus #30: Tempestuous April, Damsel in green, Tulips for Augusta) by Betty Neels


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Tempestuous April

It was when Nurse Harriet’s Dutch friend Sieske invited Harriet home that Harriet caught up with a dream from her past – the man she had always imagined herself marrying. But alas, she was not the only girl to have this dream where this particular man was concerned!

Damsel in Green

Nurse Georgina Rodman had met Professor Julius van den Berg Eyffert and his children when they were brought as casualties into her hospital, and the Professor arranged with Matron to have her “on loan” for a time to help with their convalescence. It was not long before Georgina found herself wishing she could be with them “for keeps”.

Tulips for Augusta

What a maddening, impossible man Constantijn van Lindemann was! Wherever Augusta went, there he was: inviting her out, paying her compliments, sending her enormous bouquets of tulips, even kissing her on occasion. Augusta had to admit that she enjoyed it, especially the kisses. But until she could discover how important a part the glamorous Susan played in his life, how could she possibly take Constantijn seriously?

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